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Look at that totally rad body positioning! Hey, it was my first track day, cut me some slack. I'm not a natural like some people!
They told me to start racing on an SV, that they were safer, and I wouldn't kill myself. January, 2008, California Speedway.
Why are they all moving so fast! Tell them to slow down so I can get a good picture!
Stupid boys who crash in front of me! Was in last, gridded 74th out of 74, guy #73 tucked it in the bus stop at Infineon.
Shiny yellow plates. Novice year on the SV650.
Being chased by boys. 2009, on the SV.
March, 2010. First AFM race on a 600 after racing an SV650 for two years.
Striking a pose with the women of the AFM's Formula AFemme. Summer, 2010.
After finishing the AFM racing season #2 in the 2010 championship. Nice to end on a race win. Nikki, the Pretty Blonde Mechanic, on the left.
Freezing my mother effing ass off in Vegas, January, 2011. Still smiling, like always!
California Speedway, August 2011.

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