Preggoland: not quite as fun as Christieland (or even Legoland)

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3 Responses to Preggoland: not quite as fun as Christieland (or even Legoland)

  1. Kristina says:

    Super cute baby bump. Congrats!

  2. Christie says:

    Thanks Kristina! How are you?

  3. Emma says:

    That’s a fabulously honest blog. I’ve been off the MTB since about 12 weeks, when I realised I’d lost my bottle on trails I usually love. The trails are in the best condition they’ve been for 12 months or so, to this is driving me crazy, and I was hoping to get into some DH this year, but that’s out. But I’m still riding mostly flat, easy peasy trails and shorter and slower (compared to normal) road rides because that’s all my body seems able to handle. This is while all my riding buddies are breaking their own records, riding hard, hilly centuries, and generally pushing their fitness to new limits. And I’m also getting a stready stream of “somebody else stole another of your QOM” e-mails – they’re bugging me more than anything!! So like you I’m looking forward to getting back out there, but it won’t be long now (I’m 18 weeks) and keeping active, even in toned down form, throughout our pregnancies is good for us and for baby. Not long to go now. Enjoy this magical mystery time. I figure the nagging voices telling me to cut back, slow down, ride safer, etc. are just part of the transition to being a great mom. We could do it if we wanted to, but we don’t want to harm our growing baby. That’s a positive thing. And from the stories I hear, birth is the endurance ride of your life, so that’s what I’m training for these next few months :-)

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