Levi’s Pain Cave (also known as the Gran Fondo)

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2 Responses to Levi’s Pain Cave (also known as the Gran Fondo)

  1. CoachThomas says:

    7% power increase per year would be nice! I’ve seen as much as 15-20% the first year someone follows an appropriate training program, but the rate of increase starts dropping off each year as you get closer to your full potential. After a few years of quality training I’m happy to see 3-5% increases. Think about the Elite level where they’ve been training correctly for 10 years, or more, and if they were still getting 7% each year that would be suspicious ;-) At that level 3% is significant.

  2. Joe says:

    Nice write up. One quick question, was it you who had the music playing while climbing out of Cazadero?

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