Revenge on Annadel!

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4 Responses to Revenge on Annadel!

  1. Krystyna says:

    Great job CC!!!!!! I’m super proud of you!!!!!! <3

    I held down the moto end at Fontana this weekend (Aug 19th) making a lot of boys upset. Was within 5s of some former AMA racers and I'm excited for WERA in Sept.

    I knew you'd be kicking butt on the pedals as much as you do on the moto!!! Keep it up!!!!


  2. Christie says:

    You’re a sweetheart KK…miss you! <3

  3. Great job! Regarding bottles, I won’t use them mtn biking unless absolutely necessary. I don’t want to ingest dirt, manure, poison oak and all the other stuff that can accumulate on your bottle during a mtn bike ride.

  4. Jer Hansen says:

    Nice work! Your blog style is getting very good. I enjoyed the read and it offered many smiles.

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